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Determining the Type of Background Search for Your Needs is Imperative.

At Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. people often contact us when they need to run a background check. Many people don’t realize that there are different types of background checks. Here are some examples that are included in our comprehensive background search:

People search – finding information, such as a person’s full legal name, phone number, past and present addresses.

Email lookup – finding out a person’s email address.

Social media search – analyzing a person’s social media footprint.

Property records – determining the owner of property.

Date of Birth – finding and verifying the date of birth.

Associates of subject – determining with whom the subject is associated.

Neighbors of subject – who are the person’s neighbors?

Address history – where do they live currently and where did they live previously?

Phone numbers – checking out their past and present phone numbers.

Bankruptcies – bankruptcy filings

Liens – are there any liens against the subject?

Judgments – did the person ever have any judgments imposed against them?

Corporate affiliations – do they own, work at or do business with any corporations? If so, which ones?

Criminal/traffic records – finding out a person’s criminal record and a history of traffic tickets.

Global watch list – are they wanted in other countries?

Possible employers – determining present and past employers.

Possible photos – finding out if there are any photos of the subject available.

Vehicle information – do they have a vehicle registered in their name?

License plate info – info about their cars’ license plates.

Hunting and weapons permit – do they have any hunting permits or a license to carry?

Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. can look into the background of any individual you are thinking of hiring or corporation you are considering doing business with. We also handle investigations of individuals, for instance, in the case of dating relationships or marriage/divorce. If you need to run a background check on somebody, please contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. by calling 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.

Reasons for Surveillance by Private Investigators

When private persons or organizations contact private investigation agencies, they often require surveillance services. Here are some common reasons they might need a private investigator to surveil others on their behalf:

Cheating spouses – if a person has a suspicion that their spouse or life partner is being unfaithful and want to know for sure if their wife or husband is cheating on them.

Divorce proceedings – infidelity in marriage often leads to divorce, which can result in a bitter battle during mediation or in the family law court. Evidence gathered during surveillance may be used in support of the hurt side’s argument.

Child custody matters – surveillance is often a part of child custody investigations which aim to ensure that the child is safe and has a stable living environment.

Business partners – before starting a new venture a business person may want to make sure their new business partner is trustworthy. Alternately, if a party in a business venture suspects their business partner is not honest with them, they may want to retain services of a private investigations agency.

Corporate safety – businesses are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats including theft, fraud, leaks of confidential information. Surveillance by an experienced private investigator can help uncover and stop those threats.

Shrinkage in theft in corporations – Products “walkout” of American businesses every day. Surveillance can help prevent the bulk of those employee and customer thefts by pinpointing the cause.

Evidence for litigation – information gathered during surveillance may prove to be of big help in winning a lawsuit.

Criminal investigation – surveillance services may be be used for gathering evidence in a criminal investigation.

Personal safety – last but not least, a person may want to retain a private investigator’s surveillance services for personal safety reasons, such as stalker investigation and prevention or for counter surveillance, such as discovery of eavesdropping, electronic surveillance, and electronic espionage.

Do you have an unconfirmed suspicion about somebody? It’s time to get a clear answer once and for all by engaging private investigator surveillance services from Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. If you are in need of professional surveillance services in Chicago or the State of Illinois, please contact Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. by calling 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.

How Can You Tell if Your Spouse/Partner is Cheating on You?

Suspecting that your spouse/partner is cheating on you is a painful feeling. Regrettably, if you suspect your significant other of infidelity, you may be right. Intuition along with a variety of the following warning signs may lead you to believe that you have an unfaithful partner. Here are some common signs indicating infidelity in a relationship:

Your significant other frequently changes their password.

Your significant other frequently leaves the room to answer his/her cellphone.

Their social media profiles resemble those of a single person.

Your significant other suddenly has much more active social life.

They clear their browsing and history on a regular basis.

Your spouse/partner seems eager to experience more thrills in life.

They take much more interest in their personal appearance (working out, dress, make up, etc.).

Your partner seems less engaged, even lazy.

There is a considerable decrease in intimacy in your relationship.

Your significant other doesn’t tell you that they love you anymore.

They become more secretive.

Your spouse/partner doesn’t want to spend their free time with you.

Their clothes sometimes smell of different cologne/perfume.

Your spouse seems less religious than before.

Your partner seems to be spending more money than usual.

Your spouse/partner becomes very hard to please and seems to always be unhappy or disappointed.

Your spouse argues with you more often than usual and communication becomes very difficult.

Your spouse suddenly works longer hours without explanation.

Unusual charges appear on their credit card statement.

You catch your partner in various lies.

They become defensive or annoyed at the mention of infidelity.

While these warning signs can appear for a variety of reasons, they are typical in cases of infidelity. If these signs appear suddenly, you may want to think of retaining the services of a private detective. Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. offers professional investigative services for individuals in Chicago and throughout Illinois who suspect a cheating spouse or significant other.

If you need help finding out if your partner is unfaithful or need to obtain concrete proof of infidelity, please call us at 847-795-1900 or get in touch with us via our contact page.

How to Choose a Private Investigator or a Private Detective Agency in Chicago?

Retaining the services of a professional private investigator is a wise decision. A private detective can find definitive proof to support your claims or alleviate your fears, such as infidelity in a relationship. A detective agency can also help with matters such as insurance fraud, surveillance, corporate investigations, and legal investigations.

Before you hire a private investigator in the Chicagoland area, you should do your homework and research the agency you are interested in doing business with.

Here are some important questions you need to ask:

Is the Private Detective licensed in the State of Illinois?

Is the detective agency fully insured?

Should I hire a private investigator? You need to find out what’s different about hiring an investigator as opposed to conducting the investigation yourself. What are the benefits? Make sure to get educated, so you can make the right decision.

Do the employees of the Detective Agency seem compassionate or uninterested? Will they really care for you and your case?

Can you reach the Detective Agency when needed?

Do they offer personalized service or do just the bare minimum to get paid?

Are they a full service Detective Agency? It is important that they conduct a variety of investigation types. If they specialize in only one type of case, they may have a hard time thinking outside the box or handle a more complex case.

Do they have experience in the specific type of investigation you are looking to conduct?  For instance, if you are looking for a private investigator for surveillance or child custody cases, you would not want to hire an investigator that does only performs database searches.

Meeting the investigator that will be handling your investigation, whether on the phone, by email or in-person is very important. This will help you judge their level of professionalism and integrity.

What are their payment options? Do they require a retainer? Ask for a cost estimate.

What is their confidentiality and privacy practices? Make sure that the only people with access to your personal information will be the people actually working on your case.

How much experience do the investigators have? What are their typical results?

Do they have access to state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and hardware?

How will you be informed on the progress of the investigation? Will they provide progress reports? What is their strategy?

Most people do not have experience hiring a Private Detective Agency. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a private detective, make sure you do your diligence in order to choose the right agency. Every private investigation is different.  Our approach at Lakefront Investigations, Ltd. is individualized and personal – call us at 847-795-1900 to find out more about our agency and what we can do for you. You can also send us a message through our contact page.

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